We will give you a small brief about the 10 smallest countries of the world

10 smallest countries of the world – If we will talk about the largest country then there are many countries which can come on our tongue, we will quicky take their names like India, China, America etc. but if we will ask about the smallest country then may be you will start thinking so in today’s blog we will let you know about these countries.

1) Vetican City

According to official data Vetikan City is the smallest country of the world both in the terms of area & population and its population is 1000 as per the official sources. There is a famous Roman Catholic Church which belongs to Christian community and Christian community’s religious and spiritual leader Pope who ia having a connection with this state and its having their own coins postal service, radio station etc.

2) Monaco

This beautiful country is located between France and Italy and this is the second the smallest country in the world. Its population is approximate 40 thousands and its language is french and you must heard about Monte Carlo so this is the major market of Monaco. It is developed on the sea shorre so its economic condition is very good and that’s why there are many millionaires in the country and its economy runs on tourism.

3) Nauru

Nauru is the third smallest country of the world and thete is no any capital of this country and this is an exceptional Nauru is located in thr South Pacific Ocean and its population is 13000 people and it is spreaded over 20.98 sq. kms. This is the smallest democratic country of the world and it has no any arm forces but it is having an airport.

4) Tuvalu

And Tuvalu is the forth smallest country of the world & situated in Pacific Ocean. For a longer period Tuvalu was ruled by British Government and got freedom in 1978. Its population is about 12 thousands. According to population it is the third smallest country and according to area it is the forth smallest country.

5) San Marino

This is the fifth smallest country in the world, it is believed that San Marino is the most oldest republic in Europe Continent. this country is found in 301 year and its population is about 34 thousands. Its language is Italian. Flag of this country was declared on April 6, 1862. There are two colours in the flat, Blue is for the sky & white represent the snow which covers Mount Tetno. You can’t believe that there is no any colleges & universities; students go outside the country for the study.

6) Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world and situated in Western Europe and its population is approximate 39 thousands. Its borders touch Switzerland and Austria. Most of the people speak German language. Its capital os Vaduz and its largest and main city is Sachan. In term of paying government taxes this is the most honest country. This is the reason of its financial situation is strong

7) Marshall Islands

In the Pacific Ocean the Republic od Marshall Ist is a micronesian country. It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and it is the seventh smallest country in the world. The most important thing is America takes care of its economy and external security so if any country attacks on RMI then this attack will be considered on America. Its capital is Mazuro and its population is 60 thousands. And Nauru is its neighbor country.

8) St. Kitts and Nevis

This is the 8th smallest country in the world and its populatuon is 53 thousands. It is considered that in the starting of this country Europeans came and started to settle here and its official language is English. St. Kitts & Nevis is located on the eastern Caribbean Sea. This country was ruled by France & British and later igot freedom in the year of 1983. Its capital is Besetri, situated on St. Kitts. Its is the smallest country in South America & North America.

9) Maldives

You must heard about this beautiful country, this is the neighbouring country of India and 9th smallest country in the world. It is located near Lakshadweep. It is spreaded over 297.8 sq. kms and its population is 5 lacs. It is very small country on the bsis of area but it is one of top favorite spot of the tourists. Becauseto its beauty it is called as a Peral of the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Male

10) Malta

In this list this is the last & 10th smallest country in th world. Its population is about 5 lacs and it is a developed nation in the European continent. Ita capital is Valletta and official language is Maltai. English is also spkoen by huge number of people and it is situated in the south of Europe. Italy is the neighbouring country

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