You should explore the beauty of Sikkim

Every indians want to go Switzerland but before switzerland you should explore the beauty of Sikkim ; You will forget the foreign countries. Everyone wants to travel Switzerland and it is a astonishing country but our country is blessed with the diversity. we have forest, desserts, beaches, mountains, cold desserts etc. in our country we can get the experience of every foriegn country; Sikkim is India’s own Switzerland where you can see its beauty. If you want to visit Switzerland then you to make a proper plan but for Sikkim it will go so quickly and this place is known for its natural beauty, densed forests, mountains, snow etc. As per us it damn beautiful and wonderful place than Switzerland. These are the 10 following reasons that you will surely make a plan to visit this state.

  1. Mountain

People visit Switzerland for the ranges of the Alps mountain stretch and they are really beautiful but the ranges of Himalayas are really astonishing. If you looing for both the snow and mountains on your vacation then you can get it in Sikkim, here you can also do snowboarding just like in Switzerland.

  1. Lakes
    Switzerland is also known for its beautiful lakes so if you think you will not get this thing in Sikkim then you are wrong, Sikkim is also blessed with beautiful lakes. Changgu Lake & Gurudongmar Lake’s view can attract you in a second and you will be spellbounded by seeing the beauty of the lakes but you will be required a permit to visit these lakes.
  2. Shopping

Switzerland is famous for the shopping specially for the watches. Here in Sikkim you can also get some watches which are made by master craftsman like Kuku watch. You can also shop old monks, shoes, stylish clothes and many more . You just need to go to MG Road in Gangtok and you can shop at cheaper price and can have some good shopping experience.

  1. Food

We are sure that you will not go to Switzerland just for the food and drink. Here in Sikkim you can some fresh food dishes and if you are momos lover then this is tmthe rught choice for you. You can taste the yak cheese.

  1. Special Chocolate

In this case Switzerland is far better but you can get some homemade chocolates from local bakeries on MG Road and we assure you you will not be disappointed. Eating homemade chocolates will be your best experience.

  1. Wines

You can get some bestest wine in Switzerland but here in Sikkim you can get the homemade rice beer which is served in bamboo mugs and you can also find some local wines easily. local brands names are Hit & Dansburg etc.

  1. Hiking

Trekking in Switzerland will be a wonderful experience but here in Sikkim you can get the great options of trekking and can find the level of expertise & convenience. For an example Khangchendzonga trek is very difficult and dangerous that climber loves and Donogongri trek is very ease. So if you eant to trek then Sikkim is a good option.

8 Dairy Farm

This point is some strange for you, right? no one would like to travel to Switzerland for cows but there are so many Yaks in Sikkim and you can hire for the ride and take some cool photographs and its horns are very special.

  1. Cultural Confluence

Sikkim is known for the temples & monasteries and there are many kind of people who live like a unity which represents different culturo confluence at a same time. There are so many forts and ruins which surely enchant you. The Rabdantes Fort which is situated near Pemyangtse Monastery, these are really markable.

  1. Different regions

Switzerland is quiet famous because many kind of people live there which are French, Italian, German etc. and Sikkim is developed on East, West, North and South divisions. Different areas have different climates and culture. In East where Gangtok is developed where you can find pubs, restaurants, shops etc. and you will get some urban and cosmopolitan atmosphere. In West, This is a right place for tourists, trekking etc. On the other hand, Norrth Sikkim is the place where lachen town comes. In South Sikkim you will see the beautiful sceneries including hot and cold weather and quiet popular for the tourists and you can meet different tyoes of people. Ispite of a small state you can see the diversity of the state.

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