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Kota Tourism – With history, culture, cuisine, nature and heritage, Kota has a lot on offer for your perusal. The desert city cites an attractive historical beginning and has seen a lot of valour, majesty, courtliness and grandeur, etching India’s glorious monarchy. Proud Rajput kings once ruled over western India adding to this country’s glory and richness. Kota is within the Hadoti region located in the south eastern part of Rajasthan. The River Chambal cools the town as it flows through it. In the 17th century Kota region a section of Hadoti was gifted to Madho Singh a deserving prince, and Kota attained the prestigious Rajput hallmark of gallantry and Rajputana culture.

Known for its citadels and palaces, Kota in Rajasthan is an industrial hub and thriving educational center. Located on the banks of Chambal river, Kota was part of Bundi till it became an independent kingdom. The City Fort Palace Kota’s most popular attraction and the complex is one of the largest in Rajasthan.

Kota is also known for its Dussehra celebrations. The festival is celebrated in a unique way, with episodes from Ramayana being enacted on stage. The main attraction of the fair is, of course, the burning of the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnath.

Well-known artists are invited to participate in the cultural events of the fair. Ganguar festival is also celebrated in with great pomp in Kota. An idol of Goddes Gauri is taken out in a grand procession that includes dancers, drummers, elephants, camels and horses.

Kota is ideal for shopaholics. The Kota Doria saris is a popular buy. Other items like pottery, stone crafts and miniature paintings are also worth buying. The town is famous for stone-polishing industry as also for the eponymous stone, used for paving and flooring as a cheap alternative to marble.

With hundreds of coaching classes training thousands of young students to crack competitive examinations, Kota is also known as Rajasthan’s educational hub.

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